You are cordially invited to attend a reading of


a play by Tom Stoppard

Monday, October 12 at 7 pm in Taplin Auditorium

on the Princeton University campus

Featuring professional actors Lisa Joyce, Austin Lysy, Susan Pourfar, Ted Schneider, and Sarah Grace Wilson and students Elizabeth Atkins ('11), Martin Scheeler ('11), and Tara Ohrtman ('13).

Directed by Marlo Hunter (class of '99).

Produced with the help and cooperation of the Princeton Physics Department and the Lewis Center for the Arts.

"Oh, pooh to Hobbes! Mountains are not pyramids and trees are not cones. God must love gunnery and architecture if Euclid is his only geometry." -- Thomasina Coverly

Set in Sidley Park, an English country house, the play takes place both in the 1980s and during the early part of the 19th century. In 1809, the teenage Thomasina Coverly, daughter of the house and mathematical sophisticate, causes trouble for her tutor Septimus Hodge, by, among other things, coming up with the second law of thermodynamics 15 years before Sadi Carnot and exploring fractal behavior two hundred years before Mandelbrot and Lorenz. In the modern period, Hannah Jarvis, a writer; Bernard Nightingale, a professor of literature; and Valentine Coverly, a postdoc in mathematical biology, gradually uncover the events of two hundred years before.

Thank you everyone for coming and making this event a success!